Benefits of Membership

  • Members enjoy substantial discounts. Up to 25% increase on the value moneys paid.
  • Members can choose from any of the participating tailors.
  • Guidance is offered to members on style and types of garments best suited for their shape colouring and size; enhancing members appearance and gravitas.
  • Support is available to members on every type of dress etiquette, from morning dress to evening tails and ceremonial garments as required.
  • Assistance is also provided to Members on the best use of their existing wardrobe, with the facility to re-tailor existing garments.

Financial Benefits

Member’s accounts are credited every three months as follows:

GOLD Members receive £148 credit every
three months (25%)

SILVER Members receive £52 credit every
three months (17.5%)

  • Payments may be deferred by members; no interest or added charges
  • Tax benefits maybe available if fees are paid through a business