Terms of Membership

Membership Fees

1. Membership of The Savile Row Club ("The Club") is by invitation. Members agree to pay monthly fees to the Club.

Gold Membership - £198/month

Silver Membership- £99/month

Membership is subject to these terms and conditions; and any use of an account with the Club is confirmation of membership and agreement to these terms.

The first month's membership fee and the joining fee of £87 are payable by credit/debit card and subsequently monthly payments are made by direct debit.

Members have 14 days from the date of joining to cancel their membership by notice and receive a refund of any amounts that have been deposited which have not been used in connection with the purchase of a garment.

Benefits of Membership

2. Membership fees paid to the Club are used towards the cost of garments supplied to Members by any of the Participating Tailors.

3. Subject to the provisions of clause 7 the value of membership fees paid in by Members in a quarter shall be enhanced at the end of that quarter at the following bonus rates, for the purchase of garments:

Gold £148/quarter (24%)

Silver £51/quarter (17.5%)

4. The use of monies and bonus enhancements that have accrued to the Member’s Savile Row Club account can only be used to purchase garments from a Participating Tailor. If the Member’s account balance is insufficient (after taking into account all monthly membership fees paid and bonus enhancements) to meet the full cost of purchasing a garment, Members may settle the outstanding balance by making additional payments to the Club, or by taking an advance of credit and then repaying it on the terms stated in clause 5 below.

5. Each time there is an advance of credit it will be a fixed sum which must be repaid in full within a maximum period of 12 months from the date the garment is collected from the Participating Tailor and by making 12 or fewer monthly membership fee payments (including available bonus enhancements) or additional payments into the account. There will be no interest charge or any other fees for the provision of credit for the use of the Savile Row Club account.

6. Quarters are calculated from the 31st January and every three months thereafter. Bonus enhancements are only credited to an account if the three monthly fee payments for that quarter have been paid in full and the account is in credit. Bonus enhancements are only applied to payments paid into the account in the said quarter.

7. If a Member's account has a debit balance at the end of the quarter, 50% of the bonus will be credited to the account, subject to clause 6 above.

8. Members may make additional payments into their account at any time and bonus enhancements will apply to those additional payments on a pro-rata basis subject to the terms above and the level of membership.

9. In the event that a member makes a payment direct to a Participating Tailor such payments do not attract any bonus enhancements.

10.Details of account balances can be obtained from the Club.

11.Participation as a Member of the Club grants benefits solely in respect of the account of the Member and does not grant any rights to the assets of the Club or The Savile Row Club Limited.


12.Where a Participating Tailor is engaged to make a garment, the Member agrees that the Participating Tailor may use the funds held on the Member’s account (together with bonus enhancements) for that garment.

13. The Club will therefore be required to confirm account balances and contact details to the Participating Tailors and the Member irrevocably authorises the Club to release such details and to release the appropriate cash sums required for garments, without further reference. Bonus enhancements will be used for garment purchases in conjunction with cash payments in the proportions then held on the account.

Cancellation and Suspension

14.Members can suspend or cancel their membership of the Club at any time on not less than 14 days written notice. The Club can also suspend or cancel a membership on not less than 14 day's written notice.

15.The Club may suspend or cancel the operation of the Club at any time it may deem appropriate, in which case all rights under these membership terms will cease. The Club will endeavour to give reasonable advance notice of a suspension or cancellation.

16.In the event of cancellation of membership of the Club, the cost of any garments ordered by a member from a Participating Tailor, whether or not delivered at that time, will become payable. Any such costs which are not covered by that Member's account balance will become due at that point. Any cash balance on the account after making these payments in excess of £100 will be refunded within 90 days less any reasonable expenses of the Club, but unused bonus enhancements will not be paid and are forfeited.


17. Save to the extent such liability cannot be excluded or restricted by law, the Club will not be liable in any circumstance for any loss or damage the Member may incur in connection with the participation in the Club or in respect of any garments ordered from a Participating Tailor.


18. The Club may change these Terms of Membership (including value of bonus payments) at any time by posting amended terms on its Web Site or otherwise notifying Members of the change direct. The amended Terms will become effective as soon as they are posted or otherwise notified.


19. The Club is administrated by The Savile Row Club Limited company number 8917964 registered office 38 Savile Row, London, W1S 3QE.

20. "Participating Tailors" means those Savile Row tailors that have agreed to support the Club being those listed in the Club’s Brochure and such other persons as are notified to members from time to time.

“Club” means The Savile Row Club Limited.

21. Funds received from members of the Club are held in a designated bank account, which is administered on behalf of the Club by Mitton Clarke Chartered Accountants. Details of individual account balance can be obtained from the Club. Members are not entitled to interest on the fees paid and credited to their account or on bonus enhancements.

22. Members agree to inform the Club of changes in contact details.

23. These terms and conditions and any disputes in respect of them or the operation of the Club are governed by English law and Members consent to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.